It’s about our philosophy, our way of looking at life.

Freedom is what we want to everyone. But, if freedom has already been defined, how do you see it in your life? For us, freedom is to want, it's to do, it's to succeed, it's to choose, it's to try. Yes, freedom is a choice, to listen to yourself and choose your own path based on what we really want, not what is forced upon us. The trends pass but we stay the same, so why do we want to look like the majority if it is not our reflection? Free movement is about putting aside this dissonance and refocusing on who we are, what we want while ignoring the proprieties.

The movement accompanies us throughout our life. It’s not just about moving, but it’s a real evolution in space and it’s also how we occupy it. This evolution must be allowed by what we wear. Indeed, if free movement is a philosophy, it is also attached to objects, our clothes. These clothes condition, what we can and cannot do, by reducing the range of our actions, or on the contrary by making us feel free from all physical barriers. They allow us to show who we are, to express our choices, not to be locked in, to feel free.

Free in your clothes to be free in your life, that's free movement according to MAEVY.

But, it is important to note that for MAEVY this philosophy has a much wider field, and even goes beyond that of clothing. Free movement applies to life, both personal and professional. It is about valuing personalities, life paths, individuals who have decided not to follow the rules preferring to create their own. Free movement is about evolving the way you want to, listening to yourself and accepting not to follow paths already laid out if that is not what you really want.

It exists by countless names, such as rebelliousness, daring, empowerment and free movement is our interpretation, that of MAEVY.

The freedom to think, and to think badly and to think little,

The freedom to choose my own life,

To choose myself.

I can't say to be myself since I was nothing

than a moldable dough, but that of refusing the molds.

(Françoise Sagan, Boujour tristesse, 1954)


Marina, the first MAEVY woman 

Alternately film manager, financial director, business manager, Qi Gong teacher, Marina decided to create MAEVY in 2013.

While she had no training as a stylist, she began to design ready-to-wear collections that are now attracting more and more women.

With an incredible style and look, she is bursting with energy and creates her models because she knows how to dress women according to her inspiration, without worrying about the latest trends or couture catwalks. Necessarily atypical since the world of fashion very often consists of going in the collective direction.

But the result is astonishing. Marina made the right choice. Putting women's freedom in the center of her creations, the models offered by MAEVY exude strength and personality ...

The MAEVY woman is what we call among us, a wild woman. Why wild, do you think maybe ? To be wild is to understand yourself and live according to your true nature. A wild woman trusts herself, she knows herself and knows what she wants. These are the influences and muses of MAEVY.

The wild woman is plural. She is a source of inspiration as she lives her life greedily. A simple life or an adventurous life, whatever life she decides to lead, the fact that it is her choice will make it an epic and perfectly exceptional life. Everything is a question of choice, and to this extent, the MAEVY woman doesn’t put up with her life, she lives it fully.

The MAEVY woman is


She doesn't need anyone's approval. She advances according to her desires, her projects.


She listens and feels her surroundings. In full awareness of her environment, she connects to it in order to be always more in tune with herself and her emotions.


The MAEVY woman is exceptional in her own way. She does not want to adhere to a mold, but rather to create her own.


She is true, no artifice. She expresses her beauty and character without trying to impersonate someone else. The MAEVY woman understands that real beauty is showing yourself as she is, in the raw.


We feel it, intense, radiant. She accepts herself with her strengths and weaknesses, and for that she inspires us. She understood that its complexity is one of its greatest strengths.