MAEVY uses raw materials of natural and quality animal and vegetable origin. The harvesting and processing of these raw materials are subject to frequent and regular controls and strict certifications ensuring respect for animal welfare and the environment. MAEVY only uses Italian yarns to make your clothes, selected in the most famous Italian shows. MAEVY piece are presented with labels on which the the pictograms appear below; they symbolize the animal or vegetal from which the raw materials used are derived.

Why the mesh? 

Knitwear is our flagship material, we started with it, and we continue to celebrate it collection after collection. To sublimate it, we do not hesitate to play with colors and shapes to reinvent it each time. Since the creation of the brand, we have stored up a very precious know-how which helps us to respect the material and its richness. Indeed, knitwear is a natural, living material, so it is necessary to treat it with care so that it can express its exceptional qualities.

A warm material 

For you, what is mesh? 

For us, this is both warm and cozy. We imagine the cold evenings when we snuggle up in our favorite sweater, and the days when we just want to hide behind a huge turtleneck to feel surrounded by a garment that really accompanies us. We also think of the cool summer evenings that we wish were endless. These evenings that we love to share with those we love, and during which our sweater or cardigan turns into a real ally to help us extend them. The mesh accompanies us and even becomes the synonym of all these precious moments of sharing, whether we are alone enjoying a good book, or with people who are dear to us. 

The softness of the mesh echoes this sweetness of life with us, enjoying every moment without having to think about how we are going to dress, because our mesh dresses us in nothing. It brings texture and volume to the simplest outfits to leave the opportunity to focus on the essentials. It is a sentimental, romantic material in which we are led to express our sensitivity in all elegance. Its touch, its softness, make its contact with the skin a real moment of tenderness. The mesh wraps around us for our greatest pleasure, embraces us when we wear it

Endless creativity support

At MAEVY, the mesh allows us to indulge in all types of creative experiences thanks to the diversity of existing threads. This knit's malleability allows us to offer both warm, winter knits and soft and cool knits for the summer season. Because, while knitwear is known to be a winter staple, it is also our summer ally by having certain little-known thermal properties.

This range of possibilities is an ideal ground for letting your inspiration flow according to the collections, the seasons, with as many colors or shapes as necessary to magnify women. Creativity is therefore to be seen as the desire to correspond to women in all their diversity, by offering them models that resemble them, both soft and full of character.

Comfort and elegance

A perfect compromise between comfort and elegance, such is the promise of knitwear. Relief, texture and comfort in no way prevent a nice fall that will make an outfit all the more beautiful with ease. They can be worn on all occasions. Our knitwear follows us everywhere, and lets us be ourselves by combining comfort and elegance at all times, like an invitation to shine naturally as a woman.


For us, the quality contract necessarily involves the choice of materials used.

Thus, MAEVY yarns are selected directly from the finest European spinners. All the threads used are of Italian origin and of high quality, in order to respond to our commitments. The points sought when choosing materials are: quality, composition and environmental impact.

Thus, the brand is anchored in the tradition of the European textile industry which has made France a benchmark in the fashion world. It is for this reason that MAEVY is supplied in Europe, to reach excellence.

The leather ? 

Not with us.

At MAEVY, we have chosen not to use skins, so no leather item will be presented in our collections. We decided to put the leather aside, on the one hand, because we are aware of the environmental impact of tanning hides, but also out of ethical concern for animal life.

However, since the feel and drape of leather remains creatively interesting, we create pieces in a similar looking material through the VEGAN theme. This vegan material allows us to benefit from the advantages of leather while respecting our values.