The meeting of yogis

For us, yoga is an essential part of our lives, especially for Marina, co-founder and creator of the brand. A practitioner for many years, for some time she had wanted to create the yoga clothes she wanted, as a contribution to this practice she loves so much.

As for Fiona, she had already been wearing MAEVY creations for years and was curious to meet the creators of the brand. So, when we first met, we had a long conversation. We exchanged laughs, found that we had a lot in common and that we shared the same vision of fashion and yoga.

Our personalities fit together very well and this instant crush immediately made us want to work together to design 4 models without compromise.

But, who is Fiona?

Fiona discovered yoga during her nursing studies in Montpellier 12 years ago. Since then, this passion has become a need, so much so that she has decided to make it her profession, and pass it on to her students.

She told us about her story and her encounter with yoga, and we were able to realize that we have the same way of thinking about fashion, yoga, and especially fashion in yoga. Indeed, for us it is important that we not only feel good, but also beautiful and to our advantage during our practices in order to fully benefit from it. So we started together by joining our time and our passion!

Very present on social networks, she is followed by a very loyal community which can be found in her way of seeing life, in her texts where she explains her thoughts.

The models

The pieces were created with two imperatives: comfort and style.

In fact, for each model we offer, the details and seams have been designed to optimize comfort during practice. The goal of FREE MOVEMENT is to really make people forget about clothes by giving a second skin’s impression. Being free to move and breathe is a sine qua non for reaping the full benefits of a practice.

Of course, it was out of the question to abandon aesthetics in favor of comfort, and MOVEMENT LIBRE made no compromises in this regard.

We offer 4 items in the FREE MOVEMENT capsule : a leggings, a bra, a jumpsuit and a hoodie.


It has a relatively classic fit, and frankly that's all we like. That said, there are a few details here and there to perfect it, to make it your favorite leggings.

  • Second skin effect
  • No elastic at the waist for more comfort
  • Straight cut at the bottom of the leg to avoid chafing the hem
  • A high waist for support and comfort

The bra

Our bra has an original and elegant cut. Covering and featuring our wonderful print, it will allow you to carry out your yoga practices with comfort and fluidity. The absence of elastic gives you great freedom of movement, even if it means forgetting it!

  • Covering to be completely comfortable
  • An indented armhole so as not to get in the way under the arm
  • Long so as not to cut the ribs

The combination

Fiona and Marina love this item, and so created the jumpsuit of their dreams. It is the perfect combination between aesthetics and comfort. Indeed, it was created so that it is not felt and that it stays in place, regardless of the postures performed.

  • Second skin effect
  • Larger upper part for more comfort
  • Straight cut at the bottom of the legs to avoid chafing the hem
  • Neckline in the back
  • Aesthetic
  • Threading
  • Convenient
  • Not too pronounced so that the straps do not fall off

The cocoon hoodie

Because we wanted to offer an item to wear before or after your yoga session, we created the "cocoon" hoodie. Comforting and very soft, it becomes an essential to cover up after your yoga session. Made from organic knitted cotton, you won't want to leave it.

  • Loose fit
  • Organic knitted cotton
  • Hood
  • Heart embroidery



The Free Movement is our philosophy, the essence of MAEVY. So Fiona Iménéo as a yoga teacher immediately found herself in it. She recognizes its importance both by the need to move as we wish, and by the lifestyle choices it makes us make. The Free Movement is forging our own path, ignoring convention.

Thus, the name of this collaboration appeared to us as obvious: FREE MOVEMENT, as the synthesis of two worlds in a single vision.

Good humor, the essence of this capsule

Already, as you can see, we have chosen a fresh print full of good waves: hearts in the colors of the chakras. Why hearts? This capsule is a bit of our declaration of love for this sport that is part of our lives, and the pace for some. Hearts, to add a little lightness, and especially because we wanted to! We hope that they will be an invitation to you to see life on the bright side during your practice, and even beyond.

This collection looks like us: positive, original and full of good energy.

The colors of our hearts

Our hearts are in the colors of the chakras, and this is not trivial. We are not only made of matter, a vital energy circulates in our body and the chakras are the guides which help it to come and go in us. They're a bit of a whirlwind of energy, you see! Our body is then in perpetual movement even at rest, and we like this, because this idea echoes our philosophy of free movement.

We have 7 main chakras that correspond to an area of ​​our body, as well as a color, to put it simply. Yoga is one of the activities that helps promote the flow of vital energy in the body, the reason for our winking.

Responsible materials for a reasoned collection

Obviously, in view of MAEVY's commitments, it seemed essential for us as for Fiona to produce our capsule collection with responsible materials: recycled polyester, and organic cotton for the hoodies.

Thus, for our technical articles, the heart print was reproduced on polyester recycled from plastic waste. Using a material like this is our way of reducing this plastic pollution, and of upgrading this waste, all on our scale.

As for the hoodie, it is knitted in organic cotton yarn, from sustainable agriculture and is guaranteed without chemical inputs. The use of this biological material was important to us, to be consistent before our values ​​and commitments.

A European production, as always with MAEVY

As usual at MAEVY, all clothing is produced in Portugal, this allows us to have guarantees of respect for environmental standards and good treatment of employees thanks to European legislation. In addition, we benefit at the same time from Portuguese know-how, recognized internationally.

Fully European production

These clothes are produced, like the rest of our collections in factories in Portugal guaranteeing the well-being of the workers.

Organic or recycled materials

We have chosen responsible materials, with a lower impact on the environment, which are organic cotton as well as recycled polyester.

Tested and validated by yogis

Each of the pieces is very comfortable and guarantees a practice in optimal conditions. Marina and Fiona never leave them.