We strive to provide you quality clothing, which will be able to follow you for many years. Thus, we are committed to maintaining our level of quality, promising you to always strive to do better. The quality of our items depends on the properties of our raw materials, which in this case are taken with great care for the environment and animal welfare.

In the fashion world, catwalks are the nerve centers, the sources of inspiration for creating collections. At MAEVY we decided to break away from this fashion vision to create what we wanted. Thus, each of the collections that we offer you is the product of our sole inspiration.



We are aware of the pollution generated by the ready-to-wear world, and that is why we wanted to adopt a responsible approach. Offering you items that you will only want to wear for one season is not what we want. Our goal is to bring you items made to last, which we've designed to become staples in your wardrobe that you won't want to part with. Thus, our articles are an alliance between solidity and aesthetics.