We strive to provide you quality clothing, which will be able to follow you for many years. Thus, we are committed to maintaining our level of quality, promising you to always strive to do better. The quality of our items depends on the properties of our raw materials, which in this case are taken with great care for the environment and animal welfare.

In the fashion world, catwalks are the nerve centers, the sources of inspiration for creating collections. At MAEVY we decided to break away from this fashion vision to create what we wanted. Thus, each of the collections that we offer you is the product of our sole inspiration.



We are aware of the pollution generated by the ready-to-wear world, and that is why we wanted to adopt a responsible approach. Offering you items that you will only want to wear for one season is not what we want. Our goal is to bring you items made to last, which we've designed to become staples in your wardrobe that you won't want to part with. Thus, our articles are an alliance between solidity and aesthetics.

Production in the ready-to-wear industry is a sensitive subject on both its environmental and social sides. This is why we wanted to make a point of producing our articles in the most ethical way possible. Thus, we have chosen to produce all our clothes in Europe, and more specifically in Portugal. As a result, our factories are subject to European regulations, guaranteeing good working conditions and the dignity of workers, as well as compliance with environmental standards. In addition, the production in Portugal means that the items reach France very quickly, thus avoiding long journeys, which reduces the carbon footprint of the clothes you wear.

European production


Production factories are central places, no matter what sector you are in. But, it turns out all the same that the textile industry is one of the sectors particularly watched, questioned, and condemned by customers, or more generally by public opinion. Thus, CSR at MAEVY is a central pillar of our line of conduct, and it is for this reason that the brand only deals with production plants located in Portugal, known and recognized for their know-how. These factories are subject to European regulations, that is, they provide the income and working conditions that are desired for every worker. Respect for the worker as a person and not only as a creator of wealth or a production tool is one of our commitments, which translates into the choice of responsible factories.

We are very attentive to the impact of our brand both on an environmental and social scale. This is the reason why the factories that we mobilize for the production of our items are regularly visited by audit firms, which check, among other things, respect for workers' rights and compliance with equipment with environmental standards.

This is how we can safely say that our items are produced with respect for the environment and people.

 For example, our production factories are subject to a Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), which is the most frequently used social ethical audit in the world. Audits focus on health and safety, labor standards, the environment and business ethics.


Working with natural and animal materials brings responsibilities that we take on as best we can. At MAEVY, animal respect is a priority. This is the reason why we are very attentive to the conditions of production of raw materials, of our wool.

Being attentive to the production of our raw materials means being attentive from the start on farms. This is the reason why the farms with which we work are visited regularly, in order to check the good practices of the farmers as well as the care given to the animals.

Mowing, the harvesting of wool, is a key step that also generates a lot of ink. Animal welfare being at the center of our activity, we were happy to know that in our production chain, the improvement of the supervision of the shearing sheds has been reinforced. We guarantee that our items are not the product of animal suffering by accreditation of all shearers, who have also undergone additional training to handle animals in the gentlest way possible.

Mowing is necessary for the well-being of animals. If wool is a perfect insulator in winter, once the beautiful days have arrived, the accumulated heat can be a vector of discomfort. Thus, a mowing is necessary to ensure their comfort.


It guarantees the absence of any substance that could be harmful to human health. Thus, tests are carried out to verify the non-harmfulness of the products, the specifications of which are updated every year.

These are organic raw materials. This certification guarantees production that respects the environment and working conditions, as well as a ban on hazardous inputs such as heavy metals.

These are recycled textiles in accordance with environmental and social criteria. These are therefore raw materials treated sustainably and responsibly with the aim of reducing the negative impact of textile production on the environment.

This certification concerns the agricultural production of raw materials used by our suppliers. The goal of farmers is to preserve the environment, and they do so through responsible management of their land and the welfare of their animals. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions, soil and water pollution while promoting biodiversity.